May I Be Honest?

I know this is probably bad and I’m sure to get judged harshly for it, but I don’t care. Bring it. I love being a controversial oversharer with an inappropriate sense of....well, almost everything! So, here it is: Sometimes I give likes (and like bombs! eek!) JUST because I like a blogger’s name and/or avatar! *GASP!* … Continue reading May I Be Honest?

Bowchica…Chihuahua?! 😅

18+ / Graphic Language Do you ever wake up with a song in your head? It’s kinda cool, right? Pleasant, sweet, lovely melodies fill your head and you even break out in a nice hum or you even start singing over your morning coffee. Such a neat thing, yeah? Usually, for me it’s a harmless, … Continue reading Bowchica…Chihuahua?! 😅


There is a magical place,Alive, beyond these concrete walls.A place of untouchable tangibility.Dark, like liquid on the end of your quill.Mysteriously indestructible…This place inspires the infinityOf my most beckoned dreams.Consecrated upon the hallowedfulcrum of a rocky precipice,It is that place where mere menShall never fall…from.And, where dark idolsShall ne’er linger.What is this place?It is my nightIn … Continue reading ❦Shrouded❦

Special Blogger Award & Nominees 💖

I am very pleased and humbled to accept the “Special Blogger Award” from a very special blogger, himself, Outosego. I wish to pay it forward to the following recipients: Dave at: "The Phoblography" Blog Marcello at: "....HUSHABYE silenzioso addio ......Blog di Marcello" Charlie at: Charliecountryboy's Blog My questions to my recipients: Do you like to … Continue reading Special Blogger Award & Nominees 💖