Tap, tap, tap, scratch, hiss!

Did you hear a funny sound when you logged in today? If you didn’t, then, I’m glad.

But if you did, it was probably me trying to claw my way out of your spam folder!

Now, if you’ve intentionally marked me as Spam…well, I’ll deal with you later. Hmph!


Another weird thing that I take umbrage with…..hehe, “umbrage” is such a douchy word! But, the other thing I take umbrage with is the premature Happy Thanksgiving Day wishes.

Whut the frick?

First, I hate premature….anything. Uh~duhhhhhh!


I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, dumb dumb head who emailed me not only an invitation to a lovely tribal ceremony that weekend, but also sent me Happy Thanksgiving wishes on November 7th of all days! Sheesh!

PLUS, I just feel that Thanksgiving is like The Purge…for turkeys!


Anyway, have a groovy baby shark day, cronies!

Enjoying a fabby day of ketosis,

K 💋


🎶 Baby shark, doo doo doo doo! 🎶


32 thoughts on “Tap, tap, tap, scratch, hiss!

  1. LOL @ Thanksgiving is like The Purge for turkeys! bwahaha!!!!

    Speaking of umbrage, weren’t you recently falsely accused of taking umbrage at another blogger’s comment a while back? 😇

    1. Heehaw, doc, why yes, I mos’ certaintly were.

      I’ll have you know, I took immediate umbrage at the snake oil salesman’s accusation and compared him to a Summer’s Eve! Now, that dirty word and all his HUCKSTER contraband is henceforth banned from mah pristine blog…an’ not a moment too soon, I reckon!

      Why, I’ve gone and sullied my makeup, Jezebel! I believe I’ve also got the vapors, I’m so worked up over the remembrance of this terrible mishap! Why, I just know I won’t sleep a wink tonight. Why oh why did you have to bring it up again?!


      1. Yes, a three day weekend for me! I could not be happier! And sorry to bring up that wretched hypocrite. I remember his dumbass comment using “umbrage” and I almost lost me cookies. Glad he went the way of the Summer’s Eve, haha!

        Any big plans this weekend? And what do you do if you don’t celebrate turkey day? I’ve always wondered…..

      2. I’m doing some baking this weekend…gearing up for the season, practicing some new recipes. Gosh, I can’t believe baking has suddenly become quite a passion of mine. I blame the recent binge watching of Sookie in Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

        Anyway, yeah, just baking. As far as turkey day, I usually just do volunteer work. I do love having the extra time off though, hehehehehe! You should pop on down to Vegas this weekend, Missy. TG and the banana girls miss you! hehehehe! 💪

      3. OMG, how could I forget the B-Girls! So brilliant. Dontcha just love concierge ~Everything?!!!
        I loved loved loved the GG’s, too. Man, I miss that show. One of the great ones. Well, bake away and if you hear a knock on the door, it might be me! I’ll text ya sweetie. love you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Sometimes I find your post more fun than ever. That black humor that you handle in the best way. Thanksgiving represents almost nothing. We don’t have that celebration here. The most interesting thing is that you are a very sexy Native American Indian. Hence your bright beauty. A mystery is your look that seems to melt a mountain of ice with those dreamy eyes. He was interested in the American Indian horoscope. As I was born on August 2, I have to be salmon. I liked it because I am doing well: safe, energetic, demanding and, best of all, sexually insatiable. I don’t say it, the stars say so. All your events are lovely. You make life seem optimistic. I enjoy you. A big kiss

    1. Mac, your Native American zodiac explains a lot about you to me. We’re the same native AND Sun sign! How exciting to find this out! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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