❦Ocean Between Us ~ 4 ❦

“On this coldest of winter nights….my dreams take their usual flight.” ~Kara


The universe sent a most serene cloud to my barren rooftop, under yet another starless sky last night. Atop that fluffy cloud, there lay the faintest whisper (a message in re you, my beloved!).

My eyes did not shoot open as one might expect at this exciting and unexpected nocturnal adventure. Nor did I awaken upon a breath of morning sunlight, tickling weary bones inside my cold, cavernous bed.

Instead, my eyes fluttered open, unceremoniously, just as that cloud settled. It was hard not to smile. My next breath came as I felt you…

Yes. I felt you…across the ocean, in the same predicament as me. The world slipped away as images of you dancing with me, holding me, and leading me consumed my tired heart. My body became instantly warm under silken attire, immediately responsive to your invisible caresses. 

You are forever a king among all of the princes in my world, always ruling with a velvet, benevolent touch. I couldn’t bear a world without you and it didn’t take a thing…not a single thing at all to love you, to worship you, to adore you. 

So, sleep, tonight, my love, I beseech thee. You’ve slayed your fair share of dragons and you’ve kept my heart intact, sometimes those two feats being one and the same. Receive balmy dreams of love and peace, for no one deserves them more. 

Your poetry can wait… ♥

© 2019. kara. a.r.r.

54 thoughts on “❦Ocean Between Us ~ 4 ❦

  1. When I close my eyes, on my tired night, the oceans meet despite the miles away. The connection of two hearts intensifies in the distance, when the spark of love approaches the cavities and becomes one. The air turns blue and the moon shines with the brightness of your eyes seen in your photo. The truth is shaken and there is no way to hide the desire and passion that overflows by the edge of distance. I live without fear. Maybe time erases distance and fate ceases to be an annotation on paper. Dreams bring reality closer. Very good your poem. Your verses electrify me from head to toe. Without leaving space without touching. A huge kiss.

    1. All reason escapes me at the moment. You’ve left me speechless and wordless as my both mind and heart re-read this over and over again. Long, soft hug and a kiss back. 💋 💖💞🔥😍

  2. I really enjoyed this. Your writing style is fantastic as well as your word choices. I could never phrase how I feel this well. Thank you, for sharing this! Look forward to reading more from you. Take care.

      1. Sweet! If I may make a suggestion, I’d let you know that your screen name “Samuel W. Cruces” also a link to your blog. You probably knew that, lol. But the link (ergo your name), when clicked on, takes me to my internet provider’s splash page for websites unable to be found. 🙂

        The fix is to click on your own avatar (your lovely face, hehe),
        go to your account settings
        then, about halfway down, you’ll see: “web address.”
        type in your current URL, which I believe is godandptsd.blog.

        Those steps should update your name link and help get more peeps to your blog. Sometimes it can take up to a day for the link to update, it you’ll notice it turn blue or whatever yours or the link colors are on other sites….I think in the reader, it’s always blue.

        Hope I helped instead of overstepping!


      2. Thank you, for that! I did exactly what you said and I will check it later on to see if it updated. You’re very kind and benevolent. I appreciate that. And no ones ever said I have a lovely face! Most say, “why can’t you smile?” Haha. I would compliment you but I can’t see you face really! I’m sure it’s wonderful. Anyway, please offer any suggestions to me. I’ve only started a few weeks ago and I’m new at this. Thank you, very much for your suggestions and no you didn’t overstep at all.

    1. Neat question, maestro.

      Well, it was inspired by the notion that sometimes when we experience insomnia, as frustrating as it is, sometimes the imagination can create art. But the way that the piece that inspired this was written made me feel anguish for the author’s plight of insomnia, ergo: ”Your poetry can wait.” The inherent message being: Although we appreciate your gifts to the world, in the form of your poems, that sometimes seem to come from those dark hours when sleep escapes you, tonight, it’s important to sleep, instead. ♥️

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