No Longer Private!🤓

I went private for a couple weeks due to some unforeseen events in my personal life.  You missed me, yes? 🙂

I shall be doing re~follows today and I have a couple more blogs left to binge, so forgive the like bombs, bitches! 🙂

Looking forward to getting caught up on sending lots of heartfelt likes your way, beloved readers, cronies, friends, crushes, and stalkees, hehe!


K 💋

welcome jpeg

70 thoughts on “No Longer Private!🤓

    1. Thanks, lovely Charlie! I really hope you are doing well, my dear. Though, they weren’t “problems” per se. More like positive but extremely time consuming changes! You are so kind to comment! xo

      1. You’re totes macgotez adorbz right now. And paws off the pancakes, mister! They are for the homeless drive today! 100 hot cakes on the way to the shelter! Huzzah! love you, talk laters…. xox

  1. Welcome back, lovely ex wife I never had! Although I’ve been observing your behavior lately miss and I find you very insincere. 🤣😁😆😃😎🤓😋😁

  2. But of course we missed you. You’re my favorite sister wife. Hehe, I wonder if anyone really believes we actually ARE sister wives. It’s a thing you know? Anyway, I hope your time off was spectacularly relaxing. After the year you had, you deserve a break. 💖

  3. Penso che nessuno nella loro mente giusta smetterà di mancarti dopo aver seguito il tuo blog. Mi sei mancato, spero che tu abbia posto fine ai tuoi problemi personali. Il sole sorge sempre per illuminare la mente e il silenzio di notte, per dare pace al tuo spirito. Ti auguro una settimana migliore. A proposito, la tua foto è fantastica. Sei molto molto bella

    1. Grazie. Dopo aver letto quest’ultima sera, sono stato sopraffatto, ma ho dormito così profondamente, le tue parole, l’ultima cosa che ho in mente, mi hanno lasciato andare alla deriva. sei un gentiluomo così gentile e mi fai sempre sentire al sicuro e curato. Ti trovo fisicamente e spiritualmente bello, Mac. 💞

    2. I hate Google translate! My last comment on your latest post was supposed to read: “One dreams of soothing your weariness, you know.”

      “One” being me, of course. 😍😘

      You helped inspire my latest… “Ocean Between Us ~ 4.”

      Dream sweetly on your next night of sleep, my lovely friend. ♥️

  4. Hi Kara 😊 I came here via your comment on Fauxcroft’s blog… though I admit it’s hard to find you in the WP Reader, took awhile to get here. (For some reason I can’t comment from the front-end of wordpress blogs, endless glitch that WP cant seem to fix, though many have the same problem.) Anyway…. just wanted to say I love this post… and this topic is dear to my heart… (the one of making blogs private, I do this too, from time to time)… it’s so hard to remain “standing,” (and/or visible,) sometimes, for me at least, in the face of very real-seeming fears and/or instances of intense confusion that I, at least, seem to face, as a multi-dimensional, feeling woman…

    and I think many other bloggers, all genders, experience the same issues, from what I can tell. Anyway, I love your honesty, your obvious grace, and your blog name, Shades of Grace, it’s perfect…. and suits your loveliness. Cheers, and warrior on, fellow flower/princess/queen…. :)) 🌸❤︎🙏

    p.s. and sorry for my long-form comment, I’m hopeless and incurable it seems, in this department. 😆🤷🏼‍♀️😉

    1. I love that you understand this, Nadine. I feel badly when people think I’m ignoring their requests to be viewers when I go private, though. Curious how you manage all that when you go private? I hate having to explain why I won’t be around, etc. But, at least half of my readers have been through this with me since I started blogging in 2016, so thankfully they, get it, too. No worries about the long comment. I love them! 💞💖

      1. You’re so sweet! 💕I have the same issue. I felt awful that they had no way to contact me. On my sobriety blog (sobrietytree) I actually created a second (free) website and made my profile link to that one, with an explanation. So that friends could find me. It’s still there, if you click my gravatar I think, now moved to second place. On bloomwords I didn’t do that, I was having a major problem and basically couldn’t deal at all… but I did still comment on some blog-friends posts and actually a wonderful email friendship sprang from that (we got each other’s emails in comments on her blog)… so… all’s well that ends well (or continues well. ;)) I like the way you reintroduced… lots of grace. And fun. :)) Hugs hon, I think we have similar philosophies… truth and love, yin and yang… so, glad to connect. 😊xoxoxo 💗

      2. p.s. and what I meant about the feeling awful part is that they were asking for access, but I couldn’t reply to those requests, simply because it’s not possible via WP. It was either ignore or grant access. (But you know that already, having faced the same issue.. so probably I didn’t need to clarify. :))

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