that which I cannot comprehend
will never bend
my will to its whims
‘cuz I’m protected
by pseudonyms

and flailing limbs

i wanna swim in the darkest
part of your ocean
feel your commotion,
your devotion
i have this notion
of total immersion
pulling me under,
crashing emotion

hard faced and hollow,
still, I’d rather follow
you to your darkest places
unwritten pain, clenched behind
not just one, but both of our faces

let’s lock arms
and float atop a whirlpool
there’s strength in numbers
even if it’s just two
it can be just me and
it will always be just you

ever notice how justice
never comes fast enough?
and love never stays long enough?
too busy tripping over stuff
baggage, and phony fluff

the lawyers are lacking in conviction
while the innocent suffer
society’s forced restriction,
improper evictions
and all that damn crazy diction
all they need is friction
(the good kind!)

just cogs in a machine
we’re all doing our part
the sinners, the saints
my hands…your heart
but there are
complexities in life,
unknowable by all
and it’s the simple things, really
that bring about your downfall

like trusting the wrong person
you find yourself awash in relief
when they exit stage left
you’re alone again, in grief
by yourself, but not bereft.

what do you smell in the night
when you’re half asleep?
is it truth? desolation?
a garbage heap?
dirty dishes in the sink (stink!)
make me stop and think:
is this the best I can do?
plates clank, the wine glasses clink

rancid milk in the fridge reminds me
of that empty bottle of scotch…
abandoned (LIKE SHAME!)
on the floor, by the door,
next to your watch

i am young but i am old
i’ve been bought and i’ve been sold
visceral, venomous vanity
stripping me of my sanity
double thinking makes me cringe
still, I reach for that syringe

when night arrives, I’ll succumb
to a dull, dark endless sleep
until I can know for sure
that it’s my soul He’ll keep
blackened dreams wash away
the decay of all I reap

it’s always gonna be so dark inside
you gave it your best,
i know i tried (while you cried)
but let me go, cut your losses
and I’ll cut (me) mine. why?
because in the end
I am WE are all just…whore-ified.

© 2019 kara. all rights reserved.


39 thoughts on “❦Whore-ified❦

  1. Molti sentimenti contrastanti, ma lasciano il segno della sua potente personalità chiamando le cose per nome. Buona lettura Come sempre, ti avventuri nei misteri della tua anima sensibile. Sei una donna degna di ammirarti. Per un momento ti ho immaginato avvolto nel raso bianco della foto. Un enorme bacio in questa notte piena di stelle. I tuoi occhi sono più luminosi di tutto il cielo.

    1. Fuck, I love it when that happens…..such a profound relief! You’ve been on my mind. I hope your remaining weekend and upcoming week is sooooo much better, GG. I’m just an email away. Hearts and love to you, sweet friend. 💕

  2. Hey!!!🙋that same picture I had tried to sketch which I have put up in my recent post😂😂only a little bit difference is there in the leg part sketching😂
    A beautiful poem Kara💛💐

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