❦Our Time❦

“What do you do when the dance is over?” ~Kara

our time

We were unpolished at first
The “getting to know you” phase!
There were clumsy missteps ~
Artless pauses
Lingering gazes

Endless, shallow glances
As we rehearsed our way through

Then, one day, you took my hand
And, you led me to the sky
Among the glittering stars,
We danced so intently together
The laughter in our steps
Keeping in perfect time…

The night steadily melted away
While we twirled and moved 
In time with the nightingale’s call ~
Until the demanding sun cut in

But, that was then, my love
Way back when, my love

Now, I hear those same persuasive notes
As my restless feet dangle
From the crescent I sit atop tonight.

They sway my stranded heart
To give you all of the answers
That I’ve forever kept deep inside…

If only you could hear them, too.

© 2019. kara. a.r.r.


13 thoughts on “❦Our Time❦

  1. Beautifully depicts the journey of falling for another and that bit of gut wrenching at the end when they are just beyond your reach. “But, that was then my love, way back when, my love.” Certainly felt this one today, well done!

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