❦A Conversation❦

sun heart

“What do you wanna do today?”

I gave an almost imperceptible murmur in reply. “I haven’t thought about it. Aren’t we supposed to be staying in the moment?”

“Well, sure, Kara, but I’m not gonna be around much longer.”

I mentally rolled my eyes. I knew this obvious fact and decided it didn’t need a response.

“So, shall we play?”

My stomach fluttered, lazily, as I lifted my head off the fluffy towel that served as a temporary pillow on the lawn chaise.

“No.” I wasn’t very convincing, as a cool breeze flitted across my bare back.

I heard a deep sigh.

“You can’t just lie here all day, Kara.”

I groaned, slightly impatient. 

Silence filled the yard.

“Yes. I. Can. Now hush and finish, please.”

I sighed contentedly and rolled back over onto my back, wiggling into place on the padded chaise. An involuntary smile crossed my lips.

The sun became quiet then, kissed my eyelids, and continued to paint soft freckles on my face and shoulders. ❤︎

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.



28 thoughts on “❦A Conversation❦

  1. Omg. I didn’t see that coming. Honestly, I thought it might’ve been a talk with Nick, sweetie. Such a pretty write. Love you. 😘

  2. Love you, sun kissed Kara 😍
    You know that Time is the biggest paradox ever. It is the only thing we have; we have all the time in the world : This moment; and it is the only thing we have very little off 😎

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