❦Birds of Prey❦


Intriguing, soulful, intrepid delights
Once wildly beckoned me on one starless night
Then, mysteries abounded as swift birds of prey
Grudgingly followed that night into day

When the warm sun showed her face upon
Soft morning dew in glorious dawn
The sweetest of spells I did bid adieu
One poignant memory…and two dreams of you

As I did awaken on that beautiful day
My mind wandered to those wild birds of prey
Where did they go when daylight came hither?
Did they just disappear? Vanish or wither?

I s’pose they gathered together to nest
Upon steep cliff ledges they did then rest
Sleeping so fretfully deep in their caves
Bellies now full (unintentional graves!)

Did they dream, those avian predators?
Of their untamed and feral massacres?
Did they pick from their talons sticky dried remnants?
Pieces of wet fur or bloodied fragments?

I s’pose the answers I will not soon know
But there’s one sweet notion that comforts me so
It’s knowing I’m safe from those wild birds of prey
As they grudgingly follow the night into day.

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “❦Birds of Prey❦

    1. Much the same way I can get lost in the pure honest emotion and truth of your works of art. Yes, they are poems, but they are epic pieces of art, each of them. 🙂 I’ve missed you, faux, love. I hope you are well. Hugs. 🌹

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