Oh, sweet addiction!

Coax me, tease me, play with my body.

Take my mind, my heart, my…senses.

Take. Me.

I give in to the charity of your highs and lows,

Lull me into a bottomless infatuation,

While I sigh my acquiescence.

Up! I fly…..dizzy and drunk.

Down…I drift into my sweet surrender.

I float, intoxicated,

Dependent upon our unspoken agreement.

Feel. My. Compulsion.

Cover my wet pain with yours,

My deepest afflictions,

More punishing

Than the exquisite agony you bring.

Keep me interested,

For, I never chose you…but I do NEED you. ♥

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.



44 thoughts on “❦Besotted❦

  1. If we hear thunder, there will be a great storm of desires in your verses. One can be shipwrecked in that fire just by reading it and if we want to dream of delirium, this poem will be the perfect amulet. Long time without reading, but the return has been the best because your poems arrive and in what way. Greetings Kara.

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