There is a magical place,
Alive, beyond these concrete walls.
A place of untouchable tangibility.
Dark, like liquid on the end of your quill.
Mysteriously indestructible…
This place inspires the infinity
Of my most beckoned dreams.

Consecrated upon the hallowed
fulcrum of a rocky precipice,
It is that place where mere men
Shall never fall…from.
And, where dark idols
Shall ne’er linger.

What is this place?
It is my night
In shining, armored stars;
Amidst a shrouded cloak
Of jagged memoirs ~
Defiantly impervious
Of its impending demise
…much like a knight would be. ♥

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


I hope you liked my poem. Thanks so much for reading. 🌹~K

39 thoughts on “❦Shrouded❦

      1. Your words give the gift of humility to me, Kaia Racquel. A true gift from a true friend. I treasure you for it. As well as for who you truly are. 🎁 🌹 Thank you, m’lady. x

  1. I liked this. It was intriguing to read it again and guess the Artist/ poet/ writer’s perspective.
    I came across a word which I shall share with you. It talks of an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet: That word is called “Syzygy” in the sun-earth-moon system occurs at the time of full moon and new moon. Classical Prosody. a group or combination of two feet, sometimes restricted to a combination of two feet of different kinds. That word is syzygy – pronounced ” siz-uh-jee”. “It’s a word that astronomists would most likely be familiar with, and possibly even poets. … The original meaning of the word only applied to conjunctions – when the moon is between the Earth and the sun. To appreciat what I liked, adding my two bit bytes. Warm regards. Jay

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