“I am not an inventor. I am a borrower.” ~Kara

Dear Moon,
do me a favor ~
loan me your light
to brighten
my dark night

Dear Sun,
won’t you please ~
lend me your warmth
to take away
evil and scorn

Dear Rain,
i don’t ask much ~
nurture the trees
and my flowers,
and all of the bees

Dear Universe,
if you have the time ~
please just smile
upon my soul
for a while

Dear Neighbor,
if you could ~
spare me some sweets
for our brownies
and treats

Dear Friends,
i’m not just a borrower ~
i am a sharer.
so, please let me thank you
for always being there

Dear Stranger,
all that i ask for ~
i ask for you, too
in hopes of bidding
your troubles adieu.


© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


34 thoughts on “❦Borrowed❦

    1. Nah. If I dipped, you’d feel the cold clench of a “this site no longer exists” splash page….in which case, you’d blow up mah cellie and you know it, homie. 😈

      I think we’re doing closings the week of the 23rd. 🙄

    1. Thanks, sweets. And thanks for always being a real person and a real friend. Finding out someone’s fake persona and finding out they’ve been lying all along is always really hard. Thanks for never putting me through that. ♥️

      1. But of course. I’ve always admired your own honesty and I cherish the trust I have with you. It’s rare these days, especially online. Hugs, angel. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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