❦Whispered Promise❦


Shh, baby… C’mere.
Give me your hand and close your eyes.
Now…let go. I’ve got you.
Let’s smile and play, just until sunrise.
Go ahead, give in, let your heart take flight.
Let’s go to that place
Where dreams and desire collide.

Let go of unanswered wishes and unrequited love.
Let go of the pain your heart is so undeserving of.
Let go of the wraith of passions quelled.
Enter a world of nirvana and pleasure unparalled.

Let go of the sunsets of yesterday.
Forget those demons, darling, do as I say!
Now, invite me into your dreams…tonight.
For here is what you shall find:

A tender touch, an elegant caress,
A brilliant tapestry of total oneness.
A perfect kiss, a chemical dance.
Silken skin…awaiting your trembling hand.

The exhilaration of total acquiescence.
An effortless blend in pristine silence. And then?
The final crescendo in blinding brilliance;
Then, exquisite resilience….over and over again.

This is where dreams and desire collide,
A place where passion and harmony reside.

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


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