The Answer Key and an Explanation 😎

Good Morning, wonderful, scintillating Cronies galore!

First, I must apologize to two of my lovely friends, Dear Kitty and Kevin Parish.

While I was away last week with Nick’s family, they were both  kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and the Real Neat Blogger Award. I will do the acceptance posts and present my nominees this coming week when I have some more time. Please forgive the delay, my friends. ❤︎

Secondly, I must apologize for the re-follows I will be doing this upcoming week, too.

The spam monster has struck again!!


AS SUCH, I will be resetting the link between my blog and the blogs I follow by un-following and then re-following some of you!

Another blogger recently became angry with me (for re-following them for this reason last week), and accused me of following and then un-following them every single day, which is 100% untrue.

Hm, who can I annoy today?

Because of this unpleasant accusation last week, I felt the need to give my readers and friends an explanation (AFTER I practice a little sign language with the angry blogger!)

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!

For the record, that is NOT ME in the gif, but it might be a long lost alter ego!

For the second record, I do not follow and then un-follow and then re-follow, etc. as a matter of course. I also do not follow and then immediately un-follow as soon as the other person follows me to teach someone a lesson out of spite, either, as did the angry follower/un-follower/re-follower from last week.

The ONLY reason you will OCCASIONALLY see a re-follow from me is because sometimes I find quite a few comments that ARE NOT SPAM in my spam folder.

I have found that when I un-follow other blogs and then gradually re-follow them, this seems to prevent FUTURE  comments from those sites from going into my spam folder!

That is the ONLY reason you will see re-follows from me. Please trust that!

I simply do not have the time for stupid blogger games. I’m not in this to be an influencer or to inflate my traffic. I’ve stated many, many, many times that I want only a small group, uh-duhhh!! 😂

So, if this practice of mine bothers you, then please stop following me. I don’t feel like being slammed, judged, or falsely accused of stupid crap that I would never do simply for doing something that I have found to be VERY helpful in solving a minor technical issue.

Incidentally, I’ve always found that ASKING QUESTIONS, INQUIRING, or INVITING A CONVERSATION helps with understanding someone’s quirky behavior…as opposed to opting for the *ahem* “Summer’s Eve” reaction so readily enticing to some folks. Jessayin’! 😎

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Eve?

Thank you for reading. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! Thanks for being so cool and trustworthy and for not jumping my shit for petty and stupid reasons! And, THANK YOU for being…safe. 😉

Have a truly remarkable day, loves.

All My Best,

K 💋

P.S. Here is the answer key to last weekend’s Word Search:


gifs courtesy of google &

53 thoughts on “The Answer Key and an Explanation 😎

  1. that is a mighty fine douche. just sayings and all that. 😂no explanation necessary. you may refollow me every day any day all day and all night if you like. getting butt hurt over a re-follow is stupid! 😂

    1. I agree. Who has the time to even raise a stupid question about refollows, what the actual firetruck? I have lots of people who refollow and it never once occurred to question it. Who give a flying crap?

  2. “Blinded by the light
    Revved up like a [douche]
    Another runner in the night”

    If I may be so bold, a refollow from you is all good, friend girly. Why? Because I get to see your avi at the top of my notifications! Makes me smile all happy and shit! 😁

    1. Sammy, I tried to laugh at your awful pun but the fact that you bastardized one of the best songs ever to grace my ears prevented me from doing so.

      P.S. It’s neat that seeing my avi on your notifs makes you shit. Excrement is such an enjoyable, vital part of life. :o)

  3. It never occurred to me to troubleshoot on the non-spam comments that end up in spam. smart idea, if it works! I never did mind about the small stuff. A refollow doesn’t even rate on my give-a-fuck-o-meter, truth be told. 🙂 😁

    In other news, why is it that you only want a small group, anyway, missy? What’s wrong with catering to the masses? I’ve always wondered that. Can I get an answer after three years? Ha! 😉

    1. I don’t know if my troubleshooting is a valid, proven technique useful to everyone, but all I know is that when I unfollow then refollow, the comments never end up in spam again. Sure, I could mark them as safe every time, but that has proven fruitless in the past.

      Some of the controls are a little wonky, I guess.

      One day, I just tried it and it worked after that, so now I just do that instead of having to be a slave, endlessly beholden to my spam folder every time I log in. It’s a weird process, but it seems to work, lol!

      As to the small group thing…I guess I just want quality over quantity. Does that make sense? :o)

  4. I like your sign language 🙂 Also, it seems that many times I am not able to post comments on your blog. Not sure if that is related to the issues you’ve been having.

    1. You’re new, teach, so I guess I’ll hafta clue you in. 😉 I’m a little famous for pulling articles and making them private from time to time, even in the middle of a comment exchange. 😊 Sorry for the inconvenience. It really is a habit I’m trying to break. 💖

      1. Ahhh, okay, lolz! Your students are lucky to have a teacher who cares enough to begin his worrying so early! You broke a stereotype for me, btw. I guess I’d always thought tenured professors worry very little. Nice to find out I was wrong. 😊

      2. I think most of the faculty I know want to do a good job, tenured or not, and wanting to do a good job does create some worries. But tenure certainly does take a lot of the stress away!

  5. It makes sense to not spend much time trying to explain what happens to the follows. I notice many of the blogs I followed show the follow button again. I just click on to follow again. I’m not sure how that tech stuff works in-depth but I guess the best thing to do is just roll with it. 🙂

  6. Additionally, there is an issue with the wordpress on this. Despite the fact that you see -on the backend- that you are following, you might visit his/her site and -what a surprise ! – you are not following. You get confused, and it is natural to click on the follow button again. The techies, dear ! I’m pissed with them !

    Ps : Have a wonderful day, dear. I Love your sign language ! You may follow Thyself, and unfollow Thyself again if you wish, and follow back as many times as you like. Take care.

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