Word Search, Anyone?

love word searches. So, I made one for you. Maybe you like them, too?

There are 25 random “CORE VALUES” words in the puzzle below. (i.e. motivation, positivity, etc.).

Can you find all of them? 

Hint: There are no diagonals! ‘Cuz, let’s face it, diagonals are super annoying!! There are also no backwards words, either. 

If you want to share the first three words that you see, then please feel free to do so at your leisure in the comments!

word search

Enjoy, loveys! I am not going to be blogging for a few days. I won’t be back until after the 13th.

I will be reachable by email, however.

Lots of Love,

Kara ❤︎

80 thoughts on “Word Search, Anyone?

  1. Oh, you sneaky intellectual little devil! You couldn’t give us the list, couldja? LOL!

    Okay, well, if enough of us do it, we may COLLECTIVELY find all 25 words!


    Those were my first three. 😉

      1. what an inappropriate mind you have, sir! Haha! 🙂 K knows I don’t mean it that way. But you can agree that she’s one of those hard to not think about women. She’s like the sun…warm and makes you feel like nothing can go wrong. 🙂

      2. Steph, ya kind of dropped of the planet. We only did three last year anyway. 🙂 get back on the group hangout, silly bird. Unless you’re too busy treating the crazies to hang with us normal, COMMON folk! Ha!

      3. oh, yeah, jay, I’ve been taking notes, too. Can’t wait til September when at long last we put ol’Davie on the HOT SEAT! HAVE NO MERCY!!!

        NOW, if i can ever get K to stop deleting, going private, etc, etc. GOTTA GET THE GOODS, K!😂

      4. David, gonna have to concur! Is it weird how we miss her when she’s gone just for a day? 🙂

  2. Interesting. My first three that glared back at me are: motivation, inspiration and positivity. That’s cool how each person looks at things differently. 🙂

  3. Okay:
    FIRST three:

    What’s my prize??? 😜

    I also found:

    Service to others

    I’ll keep looking for more, but since you forbade me to give all the words I won’t post!!
    P.S. I do not see RECIPROCITY here, miss! 😉

      1. 🖕🏾in case you can’t see it…look at your hand, now fold all of your fingers. now count to the third finger. now raise it. then go to the mirror and see the results.

  4. i found innovation, loyalty (because Chad saw it first!), and creativity! and many more, too, love. missing you this weekend. The one year anniversary is coming up, I understand. This is probably a very difficult weekend for you. I emailed you back and gave you my number. Please be well, practice self-care, eat, drink water, stretch, yoga, time with the babies, anything you can think of to look after yourself. self care can easily be overlooked in grief. I’ll be praying for peace and serenity for you. love you. Savvy💕

  5. Okay, seriously, K?! Giving me homework? wtf? lmao, kidding! I found them all, too, I think. And I saw a few words that aren’t core values but were fun, too! 😉 miss you. x

      1. Lol, Judy! You’re amazing! I think I’ll put the words into a list for the next one. My apologies for that omission. It was a sort of prank for my friends!

        Glad you enjoyed, dear one. 💕

    1. Glad you enjoyed! The key is in another post, two posts after this one, I think. Nice to meet you. I enjoyed your Virginia Woolf quote and left a comment, which may have gone up your spam folder. 🙂

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