Things are never as they seem. And they can change on a dime…~K♥

The other day
I touched my fingertips to my thumb.

And, in a silent prayer, I decided then and there ~
That is what I would do with the distance between us.
I would make it disappear.

And just today…
I placed my forehead into that same hand.
In a blank stare, I wondered if you’d ever really cared.
That is when I succumbed to the distance between us.
I felt the requisite tears.

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


29 thoughts on “❦Undesirable❦

  1. Kaia, m’dear, your life has greater purpose than you can fathom at this particular juncture that you are presently experiencing. Please understand – accept – that this truth goes beyond feelings that will pass in time. You are not Alone.

    1. You’re very kind. I think I overshot with the intensity on this post….I need to be mindful of how my writing affects others. I do not want to take advantage of your kind heart. My apologies if this poem affected you negatively. I can see that you truly care about people and that you aren’t just phoning it in. You’re the real deal, that comes through. I’m grateful for you. 🙂

  2. Dark and swirly and a little too convincing, sweetheart. Don’t forget our agreement. I’ll check in on Monday. Love you. ❤️

  3. Beautifully shared. Each day brings it’s own set of challenges. While time continues, without change, changes occur every moment in our lives. I think your words are good reminders that we should embrace each moment and try to make the best out of them. 💖

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