Your desire kindles a burning flame
Your wanting knows no shame
All the boasts of possession and power
Yet you bow before a fragile flower
Whose very tenderness invites
Bittersweet longing on sleepless nights
A passion that will ever grow
Transcends all bounds mere mortals know
You hold this flower in your hand
A joy too vast to understand
A breath of splendor so fine and rare
A touch, a hope, a kiss, a prayer
She blossoms beneath your fruitful gaze
As you stagger along her thorny maze
She is love, youth, and serenity
A gift, a treasure for the life of thee.

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.


29 thoughts on “❦Love❦

  1. I once wrote…

    “Love is an illness that relates so much to when we are dying. That is, we are too deep into it, to even think a cure is necessary. More-so, we don’t want it. And what does this contrast from, besides life, where we are always seeking cures to problems?”

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