And, as it is, today,
And, as it is, this moment,
Should you strive to see things
The way that they are
Instead of the way that you are ~
It is then that you lay your burdens down.

And, as it is, tomorrow,
And, as it is, forever,
Expunge the barriers between us
Step out of the shadows of your mind
To see the truthfulness of life
To be one with nature
To be one with all.

©2019. kara. all rights reserved.


33 thoughts on “❦Collective❦

    1. Thank you, G.W. I’m always so grateful when something I share resonates with you because you’re a spiritual man who reminds us all to look a little deeper. 💖

      1. I had to come back and see this again. There are several haikus in here. 🙂

        You said things are slower during the week, right? I think I know what you’re talking about. 🥰😛😍

  1. I had to look up expunge, miss smarty pants! gosh, I love this one. it’s beautiful like all your poems, but it feels so zen. 😘

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