The Flutters 🦋


Also called “butterflies….?” I think?

But, I’m very curious. 

Do YOU get them? And what brings them on?

For me, it’s actually a daily occurrence.

They’re there during the first…day of…during the first time…of, well, almost the first of anything.

I feel them when I read certain blogs or comments.

I get them when I see or talk to a loved one (in this case, they’re pretty constant!)

They happen when I’m snuggling with the munchkins (doggies, of course!)

They show up in anticipation of happy interactions such as a small cocktail party or exchanging smiles with people or dogs. 😉

I even get them when I’m cooking a big dinner for my friends.

They’re there on my friends’ birthdays, and any other holiday where I get to give presents.

I feel them during my morning coffee.

I get them when I feel that first breath of fresh air each day.

They happen when I’m in the zone of a thorough work out or when I am in flow with work.

They show up when a random act of kindness occurs, be it another person’s or mine.

One of my favorite times for the flutters is when I can’t quite figure out why they’re there.

I wonder if it’s random happiness? Happiness that occurs in my soul for no particular reason at all.

Do you feel that way sometimes, too? 🙂


Kara ♥️




55 thoughts on “The Flutters 🦋

  1. Happiness does that when we choose to allow it. I love that you see the positive and good in the simple things, and then they can become big things for the good. May we never stop having the flutters in life. It provides the spice, anticipating and excitement we all need – especially when so much negatively is in the world. 🙂

      1. Well it was in a London to be fair haha. I posted about it but I wanted to share my favourite quote from it here. Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good

    1. Very flattering, Chad. I’m happy to bring a little sweetness to your day. Someone else I’m very close to feels the same way and it’s always nice to see those sentiments echoed. 🙂

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