❦Soul Contract❦

Once upon a time, when, at long last, it was its turn, a beautiful soul stepped forward in line to sign its contract with the universe. It was caught off guard by a choice bestowed upon it by the powers that be. The powers that be asked the beautiful soul whether it wished to become a cactus or a rose.

In that moment, which, to the universe is infinity, the beautiful soul pondered its choice…

A cactus requires so very little to survive, mainly some desert soil. It is independent, sturdy, long-lasting, and withstands all of the harshest elements. A cactus musters up a flower now and then and provides beauty to passersby, from a hearty distance. It is unassuming and immune to folly and must be touched in only a very specific way, so as not to be harmed should you actually ever touch it. 

A rose requires water, sunshine, and even the moon to cast its enchanting rays upon its petals, like a lover’s caress. A rose is soft, yet wild, seductive, proud, and slightly thorny, and is only harmful (self-protective!) when handled carelessly. 
A rose provides sustenance to the bees and inviting beauty to passersby. A rose must be touched softly, so as not to cause it harm, when you touch it. A rose will wither when neglected.

The rose and the cactus share very few commonalities, except that they are each strong and admirable in their own ways. They also never demand, expect, or chase after the things that they need. They merely require them and accept them when they are given.

 A moment later, which to the universe, is infinity, of course, the beautiful soul made its choice. I’ll leave it to YOUR beautiful soul to ponder which choice. ♥

Until We Meet Again,
Kara 💋

©2019. kara. all rights reserved.



16 thoughts on “❦Soul Contract❦

  1. Ahh, the soul knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personal choice was taken out of the equation. It’s more like accepting what you are given, thorns or not.
    Enjoyed that piece.

      1. It was divine at the time. My brother and I ran and played.. and then got stuck with cactus needles. That was the end of the fun. But it was a great time, haha!

  2. Wonderful writing as always. I’m amazed how a rose has such beauty among the thorns. Maybe I’ll research that one day. Reaching for the beauty, even wanting to sniff the lovely fragrance, creates risk of being pricked. That reminds me as part of life too. 💖

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