ROK’s Rule the Day! 🥰


Is there anything more heartwarming than a random act of kindness?

Well, yea, I guess there is, but not for me in this particular moment.

After a long few days this weekend and yesterday of schlepping it out on my most recent (and biggest) case, I’ve finally managed to get some personal errands done today!

One such errand was new tags on mah whip.

Or tag, I should say, since we aren’t required two plates in NV on certain car models. *ahem* Hehehe, of course these are the only cars I like, thus, I’ve always been a single tag girl! 🤓

So, I put the tag on and then left the house to get groceries, car washed, etc. I returned home a couple hours later. As I was approaching my house, I saw a note stuck in my front door.

I was excited because it meant that I’d missed a door to door salesperson and I got to avoid the awkward, “thanks, but no thanks” convo that usually accompanies those visits.

But….it was NOT a note from a salesperson.


Somehow, when I put the tag on, I’d forgotten to secure the registration and I must’ve left it on the back of my car. It had blown off when I left my driveway and I completely missed it!

Good looking out, neighbors! Woot!



K 💙



16 thoughts on “ROK’s Rule the Day! 🥰

  1. ROK’s, indeed! And as a former officer of the law, I’d have to let ya slide with a warning. Might even pass on the warning if you had some of that chili on hand! 😄

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