A Special Thank You! 🌹

So, I’ve decided it’s official.

I have the coolest blogging friends around. There is no doubt about it, it’s not even a discussion. It’s a FACT!

Time for a long overdue sleep~filled night. Dream sweetly, beautiful cronies!


Kara ♥

Gimme mah biscuit, mommy! I know my rights! 🐾

61 thoughts on “A Special Thank You! 🌹

      1. Bahahahahaha!! dyin’ ovah here! Well, look at it this way….you’re sooooo ugly, your phone battery lasts wayyyyy longer than normal. Hehe!

        *skipping away*

      2. Well, hold up. Let’s unpack this for a minute. Theoretically, if I’m in a creek, why would I need paddles again? smh 🧐

    1. Sammy, thanks for such a wonderfully reciprocal recognition. Equal regard is such such a beautiful gift between friends…and utterly rare these days.
      Thank you, from my heart, for never making me feel less than or like I’m wasting my time being appreciative. 😊

      1. Awwww, well, nah, it’s all good, sweetie pie. 🙂 You’ve done way more for me than I can ever repay. I understand women better than I ever have in my 50 years on this planet, thanks to you! After you taught me CCI, my dating life improved DRAMATICALLY! :o) Lol, it’s tough out there, but you’re my dating guru, so I got it made! 🌹

      2. Ha, well, UN~CERTIFIED dating coach at your service! *saluting* 😉 😊

        It’s not easy being a woman who understands exactly what women need from men. It’s raised my expectations and that’s hard to take for many and the walls are sometimes impossible to penetrate. But it is what it is, to borrow a tacky cliche!

        All we can do is drive on and never give up hope for our dreams, I suppose. 😊

      3. I can see why it would be a challenging. Men have fragile egos sometimes and it presents a challenge for women because sometimes the slightest correction can crush a man’s fragile ego. WE ALL have to get past this if we want to create loving, harmonious relationships, including platonic friendships! See, I am learning. 😉 😎

    1. Hi, Faux! Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words and I find your amazing poetry powerfully insightful, too. You’re a scholar and a gentleman and not necessarily in that order! :o)) Have an amazing day!

  1. “Gimme mah biscuits, I know my rights!” HAAHAH HAHAHA! He does have that entitled look about him, though.

    Aww, another gorgeous snap of you, sweet friend. Beautiful, as always. It’s nice that you have the freedom to share more now! Here’s to more sharing in the future!

    I was thinking back to when some troll said that your blog lacked confidence because you didn’t have any pictures of yourself. smh 🙄some guys are dumb AF! Did you ever tell him why? was just wondering

    1. lolz, right, Sebbie DOES know his rights!! I love his little demanding streak. Nothing more entertaining and fun than a dog who knows his own worth! :o))

      thanks for kind words, lovey. freedom to share is good! omg, I hated being so…I dunno, clandestine, I guess. but it was a good trade off in the end. I still have a need to maintain some sense of privacy, though, so don’t get your hopes up! 😎

  2. Beautiful and so radiant Kara. You brighten everyone’s day. I hope you had and wonderful night and sweet dreams – along with a wonderful day. 🥰

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