❦Night Storms❦


There’s a crack
In the sky tonight
Thunder thrashes
At my window…pain
And all I want to do
Is pull you closer.

Lightning flashes
In the distance
I begin the countdown
And wonder if it’s as far away
As you are.

The wind crashes
Into the aged pine
In the yard below
Taunting me
With its belligerent hunger
I spin in circles
Once, twice, thrice before I fall.

That thunderstorm
Outside my window…pain

But I keep dancing,
Fading into sweet oblivion
Before I drop!
Into a tawdry cacophony

Of secret dreams.

My phone slips quietly from my sleeping hand. ♥︎

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “❦Night Storms❦

    1. That makes sense, somehow, J. I’ve been reading your blog and you’re a kindred spirit who is not afraid to travail the darker corners of the human condition. I deeply admire this about you. Looking forward to reading more of you.

      1. Sometimes a story or thought comes into my mind and as I write it takes on life, if you read some that the title may not grab your attention somewhere during what I’m writing changes.like a story within a story, this is not how I meant it to turn out and really have no idea how it does but I don’t break the flow I just go with it.

      2. J, thanks for sharing that. It helps me to understand your process. Your mind is incredibly creative. Ever considered writing a novel or a non-fiction book?

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