“The sky was all a swirl. Lucky me, to have witnessed such tumultuous beauty.” ~K ♥



These clouds reminded me of the tazmanian devil tornadoes from the Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons!

These are completely unfiltered, but they are cropped. I used an iPhone 6.

Have a sizzling, sunny, “sky on fire” kinda day, lovely cronies!


K ❤︎

39 thoughts on “Tazmanian…Skies?

      1. I know right! A few months back when I visited Finland for a vacation, there was a snow forest near our hotel and it was snowing like crazy at the time, so when we went out for a night walk (my sister’s idea 🤦🏼‍♀️) it was soooo dark, it was just me and my sister in the cold silence, I was so scared🙈

  1. Kai, wow….those clouds look like fireballs in the sky. Unbelievable!! Makes you wonder what kind of weather patterns went into that swirl? I have never seen anything like it! Beautifully shot, even with the SD iphone camera. You’re absolutely sure no filtering? Wow. Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Chad! Nope, not a single filter. Straight from the cam to my laptop for a quick crop, then here. I agree, I’ve never seen a swirl like that, either!

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