“A wild thing in captivity fosters a reluctant pity, indeed.”| ~K

(My quote is inspired by D.H. Lawrence,

Wild Things in Captivity.) 🐾


tethered and bound
by the burdened air you breathe
endless realms of darkness ~
but one tiny tendril of hope.

your infinity of words!

reckless cascades at first, then
aroused, in controlled, brazen flames ~
forever piercing wanton souls.

in search of

neither flesh nor fantasy,
from your safe, walled sanctuary
intemperate, yet refined surrender ~
you waited.


you found me there
in the margins of those faded
pages of your heart ~

that long forgotten tableau.

I am…desire.

© 2019 kara. all rights reserved.


32 thoughts on “❦Stirred❦

      1. lol! I can see that. Poor Sebster….burdened by the air he breathes…such a hard luck life for such a well-loved pooch. But I can see how he’d be burdened, having to live with Daisy! 😂

      2. lol! ikr? poor sebbie! I’ll give him a smooch from you and let him know he has his supporters! haha, it will go straight to his head like everything else! 😂

      3. well, he is the cutest dog in the world, so I can see why he’d be a little vain. cut him some slack, ma. 😎

      4. Hehe! I’m trying to raise a down to earth dog, not another Daisy! I never should’ve given that flying squirrel so much freedom! Do you know that she actually struts now? Yeah, like she’s hot shit since dock dogs! She prances now, too. It’s ridiculous. *sigh* gotta love her, though. she’s my little heart.

      5. lmao @ flying squirrel! that’s the perfect way to describe her. I never saw a dog leap through the air like that. I can see why she’d be vain..that’s a nobrainer, plus she’s a girl, so….whassssup? 😜

  1. Desire…such intoxicating wild presence when emerging from the forest and breaching the refined, cultured walls that seek to deny it. A truly captivating read 🔥

    1. Has anyone ever told you that you give the best encouragement? You make all the “not bads” and the missing sentiment in the world seem like light years away. That touches my heart, constantly, Michael. I appreciate you. 🌹

  2. Beautiful. You certainly have a wonderful way with words. Wild things may not realize the captivity if they are born there – til freedom is felt, and they break the snare. 😉

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