❦Love Song❦


“I just wish I knew what I meant to you.” ~an old lover.

My love,

You were the song that I wrote by candlelight…

In measured notes
A wistful melody
Filled with desire
Immersed in hope

In every verse
You were there
I penned your truth
In dulcet refrains

Soon, you became
A masterpiece
A moving concerto
Composed of magic
An epic libretto!

You linger, still,
That song which
Never quite left my soul
I sing you orchestral
In moments alone

As history shows
Music will often change
But you remain
Forever a classic
If slightly estranged

A poignant adagio
sussurrò così vero

Whispered, so true

My first love, my first song…My love, that was you. ♥︎

© 2017 khp. all rights reserved.



60 thoughts on “❦Love Song❦

      1. Imma break this to you real slow….
        The answer, is quite simply no.
        Someone else has stolen my heart.
        He’s beautiful and completely unavailable…
        In other words, he’s perfect. 😄

      2. LOL! Oh, hell. You are unbelievably funny and sexy and sweet…and funny. Did I say funny?

        21 says you delete that comment before the day is out. 😘

      3. Mmmhm. We’ve talked about your flawed men, young lady. Not buying it. Not a bit. Besides, I think you’re in love with love…so, how would that be for, well, anyone who falls for you? 🙂

      4. Oh, throwing down the gauntlet. Alright, alright….let’s see.

        We’ve also talked about the fact that you are only 12 years older than me. That hardly makes me the young lady in this scenario. 🙂

        And…flawed is actually perfect for me. So there. 🙂

      5. tsk, tsk, tsk…okay. Well, the way I see it, unavailability is an enormous challenge to overcome. How do you plan to do so? And who’s ass will I be kicking in the future? 😎

      6. LMAO, dorkasaurus! good one. Well, kitty cat, I better get some sleep. Got big plans today…wish you were here. Sent you some stuff. Love you, angelface.🌹

  1. Beautiful poetry, Kara! I love any romantic poem. This one has a sad undertone, but beautiful still, just like the photo. Sometimes there is beauty in the rain, our love standing beside us. ❤❤

    1. Awww, thanks, David. I treasure your unique and undeniably beautiful sentiments. Isn’t it, though? The rain…so beautiful and getting caught in the rain with a lover? Wow. 😍 Wishing you a rainy day. 💖

      1. Oh yes, and I certainly wish the same for you. The summer rain here is a squall, so not so romantic for walking in or kissing. Think wind tunnel and a car wash. But I am always hopeful that romantic rains are on the way. Staying positive. 😉

      1. I did enjoy it very much. but, I enjoyed the picture more. post more plz. you’re a very beautiful woman and don’t take that as a come on. I mean it from the heart.

  2. Beautiful Kara. It reminds me of music that stays in our minds when we hear it. It lingers, sometimes suppressed, sometimes resurfacing. The one song that becomes a classic, just like a person, makes a difference. 😊

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