couple sunset jpg

You have an exquisite gaze
that scrambles my senses
a certain impish look
that rattles my defenses.

And, your stare carries
a sexy kind of delicate
making a frown suddenly
pointless, irrelevant.

I find your soft touch*
to be quite special, too.
nothing at all, there
to imagine or misconstrue!

And, who are you to have
such shameless dimples?
or that million-dollar face,
unmarred by scars or pimples?

What about the effervescence
in your mischievous smile?
yes, I feel it’s warmth….
and it’s dazzling guile.

But, I am not at all
moved by your charms
(can’t you tell?)

oh, this silly poem? Pfftt, No.
I am not under your spell!

And, just because
you’re so dashing and debonair
it simply does not render me
helpless or unaware…

Of the fact that you’ve
managed to bogart my heart
leaving me in cascades,
reluctant to depart.

*soft touch could be physical touch or personality trait.


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29 thoughts on “❦Frisson❦

  1. gorgeous is as gorgeous does.

    not sure why i said that. how was kickball? did you kick any balls? 😇

      1. Smiles are good. Just look at everything around us just ready to make us smile. Doesn’t it take less face muscles to smile than frown; unless we want the exercise? 😁

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