Nature’s iced playground
On a cool crisp winter’s day
There’s nary a sound

An untraveled path
Leads me to your soul, tattered
With traces of wrath

Lone wolf stands sentry
At the door of your broken
Heart, to quell entry

Lost in reverie,
I miss his lithe arrival
In stealth energy

He favors me with
A leveled and curious
Stare, before he shifts

His eyes as if to
Ask me a timeless question,
“Trésor, is that you?”

My rendered reply
Whispered in pure reverence
Gazing, eye to eye

“Oui, Mon chèr!” I smile
He gestures me to follow
We walk for a while

Harsh winter can be
So cruel and unforgiving
…without company.

© 2019. kara. all rights reserved.

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28 thoughts on “❦Sentry❦

      1. I’m blushing. You’re so kind. Thank you! My desire is to lift others up, and if we all work together, look at the difference we can make in the world. The world is connected in a real way if we just recognize it, and work toward knowing one another, working toward a loving spirit. 💕

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