❦When We Were❦

I’ve decided to randomly bring back some of my favorites from my old blog to this new blog.  They won’t be posted in any particular order, but they are posts that made (and still make!) me feel happy, hopeful, grateful, and connected.

I owe MANY of them good feels to y’all! So, thanks for that, WP fam! 💖


I don’t count our years, anymore
Because what we share
Remains unmarked
By calendars and anniversaries
Untarnished by the mountains and the seas.

When good intentions were cut short by fear
And the door to my heart slammed shut
You endeavored to open it
To shine your light upon my purgatory,
Once cold and aloof.

When I sought shelter
In the warmth of the morning sun,
I had to because I knew she’d include you.
And, she kept her promise,
As we pushed through.

When I spoke of dancing in the rain,
You were right there beside me
Laughing away the tears
Your eyes brimming
With internal beauty.

When the road ahead
Seemed unbearable, unkind ~
Thoughts of you brought me peace
I learned to trust myself…
To cast away my armor of lies.

When the cold of those long winters away
Brought unwanted solitude
Your smile was the hearth
Locked deep within my heart
Which brought me comfort and warmth.

When I’ve sought safety
In the duplicity of weakened arms,
It was you who lifted me up
fter every crafty blow.
You taught me
What my father didn’t know ~

That some men come
To repair, restore, rebuild.

I gained confidence
Through your faith in me.
You saw me as I am
You looked beyond my facade
And smiled upon my soul.

You are the coalescence
Of every rose-colored verse
I’ve ever written

The inspiration of my desire
For the love I somehow found
Within myself…
Because you taught me to.

So, all of this leaves me
With one simple question:
When love transcends the continuum
Of distance and time….

Does it ever really need to be defined?



46 thoughts on “❦When We Were❦

  1. I’m glad you’re importing certain pieces. Loving the direction this blog is going. It feels more positive and even more authentic, if that’s possible. 😊

  2. *sigh* such love, sister wife. I love this, I love you, I love life. You touched my soul with this one. thanks for reposting it here! I was hoping you’d do some of these. I’m here. I know the next few weeks are gonna be tough. Counting the days until LDW! huzzah, love xxxx

  3. Powerfully sentimental and warmly emotional…..
    And I’d like to thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers Ivor.

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