Not Much to Say… :)

I don’t seem to have a lot to say lately…I guess I slipped away for awhile this summer…

The 1 year anniversary of Nick’s death is coming up in a few weeks. That makes my stomach hurt, but it’s life, I know. We all die, right? I’ve wanted to join him…so badly at times. Why does everything that sucked in life before someone you love dies feel worse after they’re gone? I need to let him go as a crutch. I know this… 

And, I’ve been doing DIY home improvements this past week. I’ve decided to redo the baseboards and finish up the flooring construction from last year. Nick was helping me with it and I’ve just this summer felt okay enough to resume it without him.

Anyway, I thought of GG when I took this picture. He is the master photographer around here, so forgive my silly shutterbug musings. I just found this sky to be so compelling….

street light.png

I’m in and out this summer. I’m thinking of you guys and missing you everyday. ♥




56 thoughts on “Not Much to Say… :)

  1. Well, hell-ooooooooooooo beautiful stranger. Where have ya been? 😉 You’re right. That is a compelling sky. I love the glow just to the right of the street light. Kind of looks like a portal of some kind. Were you thinking of Nick when you shot this? My condolences, too, again, sweetheart. We’re here. Always. Love you. 😘

    1. Ev, I never noticed it until you pointed it out…I don’t think I was thinking of Nick. I was only thinking about my amateur attempts at amateur photography. I’m an amateur among gifted photographers here in WP! Heh! I’m glad you liked it. Miss you. xo

  2. Greetings, K. 🙂
    Wishing you sincere
    condolences for your loss.
    The picture you took is strikingly

    1. Many thanks, Chad, for your kind words and your thoughts on the picture. There are so many gifted photographers around here, but I still wanted to try my hand at a little amateur photography. The professionals make it look so fun. And I wanted to share what touches me. Thanks again. 💖

      1. My pleasure. :o)
        I just read the other comment where he talks about the glow. I see it too. It’s incredible! Did you filter this one at all? When and where did you shoot it? Sorry to be so nosy!

      2. No filters and I took it around sunset earlier this evening for me (8:20 pm, PST). And I shot it from a neighborhood where I was walking the dogs. 😉

      3. Ahh….it’s nice when those serendipitous moments come up and you just have to grab them. Beautifully captured, lady.

  3. My condolences, dear friend. I’m glad you decided to use the nickname he gave you to remember him every time someone calls you Kara. I can imagine he’d like that. I miss u around here, too. Take your time and come back when you can. Hugs and love. 🤗🌹💕

      1. Summer is excruciatingly hot, but I’m hanging in there. Probably won’t be coming back any time soon. Maybe in another year and a half, I hope. Thanks for asking, K! 💖

  4. Hey Kara
    How have you been? Life is all about mobility as it neither waits nor stops. Glad you are doing your bit to keep yourself engaged. We all gotta die eventually, what matters is how we chose to live till then.

  5. I guess we have to get through the rough memories to get to the good ones, right? It’s a back and forth, ebb and flow kind of thing, K. Take your time with it. He was way too young and you are way to young to have suffered these kinds of losses. Your strength is admirable. I just want to apologize again for my outburst on your other blog a few weeks back, sweetie. I know it was in bad taste and I had no right to lash out at you or criticize you for how you grieve. It is your journey and I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I’ve let go of all that anger. Working with him that last year, I guess I felt close to him, too. I’m sorry. ❤︎

  6. I love the darkness of that picture. I know your love of shadows and dark, so this is perfect! Your pictures are always a little more interesting to me because I know you seek out the dark stuff deliberately! Inside knowledge, yeah! ha ha ha!

    Nick is with you. He’s one of your guardian angels, lovey sister wife. He loved you so much and I know you’ll carry him in your heart until the end of time.

    I am a text away this month. Counting down until Sept. xo.

  7. I lost a friend last year, too, Kara. It takes a while to just breathe again. But eventually, the pain goes away, little by painstaking little. Grief is one of those topics that either brings people closer or creates an awkward space.You will get through it.

  8. That first year, and the lead up to it, is so hard. We don’t know how to navigate that until we do. Sending you peace and warmth, and looking forward to reading more of you.

  9. Heart wrenching and touching post, with such beautiful words and picture. Loss is hard, takes a piece of us every time. It may be life but we have the right to grieve, to cry, to remember and reminiss over those who were Ans still are even in absence dear to us. Life may end but love goes on forever. You are missed and you are loved but you take care if you and try to heal. Feel him with you when you sing and let the love flow through you. You’re a beautiful soul my friend, shine you light as bright as I am sure he does in the night sky over you. Faux

  10. It’s amazing how much I miss when I’m not here, Kara. It’s indeed a rough time, but you will get through it with your grace, as always. He would want you to be happy. Here for you. 🙂

  11. for weeks I just wanted to join my beloved angel, Marie, after her accident… But I have two dogs that were our babies and my granddaughter Phoenix, who wasn’t yet a year old, and she loves her Granddad… So it was the love of others which stopped me doing what I really wanted to do. The desire to be with your significant other never really abates, and carrying on is so unbearably painful, but it is those that rely on you, which make that decision impossible… So then you have to find a way to live.

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