Why Do I Have to Wear Clothes? 😾

Do you think it would increase the crime rate or decrease the crime rate if clothes never existed?

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I mean….I know why we have to wear clothesuh~duhhhh!!

Okay, so I guess my thought is: wouldn’t we all be a lot happier…..NAKED?

The human body is beautiful in every shape, size, and color.

We ALL have nudity in common.

It’s just a bummer that what we all have in common has to be hidden from sight!

I wish I could see everyone on my blog naked.

Send me nudes, dudes and dudettes!

Do it, I dare ya!


There aren’t enough naked folks in my life! Hehe! 


Craving Nudity,

K ♥️


62 thoughts on “Why Do I Have to Wear Clothes? 😾

  1. LOL!
    I think the crime rate would’ve decreased if clothes never existed. I don’t think clothes, per se, influence the crime rate. But, if all humans were more equal, that would theoretically decrease the crime rate, imho. What say you?

    1. I can see that point of view. I never thought of it, honestly. It was a random question. But, if I had to answer, I’d say the argument can be made for both an increase and decrease in crime, if clothes never existed.
      If every human on the planet never wore clothes, I wonder if we wouldn’t be a more savage society or world?

      1. That’s a good point. There were “savages” who existed before clothing! But did clothing make the world a MORE civilized place? Hard to say.


      2. It’s hard to say, for sure.

        But, rumor has it that crime rates are lower in nudist colonies because of their politics.

        And, I think “humans” have been wearing clothing for about 200,000 years, so that could be a point that clothing doesn’t necessarily affect the crime rate like you opined.

        Clothes were always used for protection until about 50,000 years, ago, I think, right around the time archeologists started finding needles dating back that far in different parts of the world.

      3. It’s an interesting topic to contemplate, especially when we’ve lived in a world that has always had clothing! I think the crime rates are lower in nudist camps because nudists are about wholesome living, communing with nature, etc.

        Do you think if you were born a nudist and remained one your whole life that you’d want to be dressed? You might be asking “Why Can’t I Wear Clothes?” LOL! 😉

      4. Hehe, this may be true!

        It really is an interesting topic because it calls too mind the issues of exhibitionism, which I understand is NOT a tenet of natural living.

        It’s ironic, because exhibitionism is a fetish bred from people who are constrained to having to wear clothes.

        People are weird. 🙂

      5. Well, THAT is a conclusion we can both agree on, Kara. People can be VERY weird!
        I enjoyed this discussion. Gave me a lot to ponder. What made you think of it? Just wanted to talk about nudity? 🙂

      6. Yeah, no one ever jibber jabbers about nudity. Heh. Thought I’d toss it out there. 😊

        There are moments my mind contemplates enormous things and then I’m off on a research adventure!

        Today, the topic of nudity was present. Not sure why! Not in a sexual way, just more of a curiosity way. Does that make sense?

      7. I see. It actually does make sense! Nothing wrong with curiosity. 🙂

        Have you ever visited a nude camp or any of the many nude beaches in the world?

      8. Never been. I’m not what you’d call a “naked person” lol. Nude only when necessary!

      9. lol! nothing wrong with that! you’re the second person whom I’ve heard the term “naked person” from. The first was one of my girlfriends who lived in an apartment above mine years ago. She said she and her boyfriend “weren’t naked people.” They had a curtain up as modesty shield in the opening between their en suite and their bedroom. I remember thinking what a shame to not even be able to be naked together with your significant other alone at home.

      10. It is a shame. The human body is a very beautiful thing, like you said, regardless of size, color, or what OTHER people would consider “flaws.” It’s a shame that society USES shame as a marketing tool to coerce consumers. Shame shouldn’t exist when it comes to pure nudity.
        What a fun conversation. I feel a little naked, if you don’t mind me saying so. I’ve never talked this openly with a complete stranger! Thanks for visiting today. 🙂

      11. Heh! Well, there is nothing wrong with “a little naked.”

        I agree with your thoughts about how shame is a tool often abused to make people feel insecure. It’s unfortunate, too, because people should always be comfy in their own skin. I’ve been guilty myself of making light of such matters, a choice I’m not proud of. But, lately, I’ve come to see that 99% of what I find beautiful in someone is not at all physical.

        This was fun! Thanks for a fun discussion today! 😊

      12. Well, we all make fun sometimes. It’s human nature. As long as its not done with the intention to hurt, or at the risk of sounding repetitve, to shame! Cheers! C

  2. The economy. Trillions of dollars would be at stake just from the fashion industry collapse. Paris, my Paris, you were too vain for your fashion. Alas. You must needs plow up the parking lots plant more seed. My Paris is naked, indeed.

    1. Excellent point! Clothes are art. And art is more than necessary in the world!
      That is a lovely verse about Paris! Paris and vanity go hand in hand. Wonderful, G.W. 🙂

  3. Interesting question. Never thought of it. I think its divided. Look at you, making my hair hurt, KaRaBeAr! 🙂 Challenging the status quo. I likes it a lot. Would give 10 stars if I could, chérie! 😎

  4. Strangely, I’m hearing you ask this in your pouty voice! LOL!

    My theory is that clothes did make a more civilized world. For what it’s worth, but I enjoyed reading the discussion above! Naked Saturdays, huh? What will you think of next, sweetheart?

    As far as your request for nudes:
    I hate to be captain obvious here, but, {cough} you first. 😈

  5. Quite interesting post. In my opinion it’s not a matter of clothes but once mental setup when it comes to dastardly acts such as rapes.
    As for the nudes, it should be a two way proposition.

  6. If I lived on my own I’d probably lounge around naked a lot. But alas, that’s not currently an option. Clothing does help to protect from the elements though, both the cold and intense sun, and keeps bugs and parasites from crawling into certain holes. So, I probably wouldn’t walk around naked outside even if I could.

    1. Roger, thanks for your feedback. It’s very intense and it kinda reached in and made me think. Thanks for that. You’re beautiful. 🌸


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